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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT! Delivery terms and conditions

1. We accept orders for same day delivery, but the order is to be made before 6 p.m. recipient's time. There is the express fee for some small destinations if you order for the same day delivery. The additional express fee will be added to the initial sum of the order. If you order flowers to rural areas on Saturday night or Sunday, please be prepared that your order might be postponed until Monday or we may request additional delivery fee. We'll contact you on phone or by e-mail if such issue occurred.

2. We accept orders for Saturday and Sunday delivery. Sunday delivery is possible if you order before 1 p.m. recipient's time. If you need an urgent delivery same day on Saturday night or Sunday, please call us to be informed of the possibility.

3. We work 7 days a week. You may reach us on phones listed at the site. Please, note the time difference, check your local time and choose the right phone number to reach. Unfortunately, there are some situations that are entirely out of our control and for which we cannot guarantee our products. These situations include:

- Severe Weather and Other Acts of God: If delivery is delayed because of inclement weather or delivery becomes unavailable to a particular location, we will do our best to inform you of the problem and make alternate arrangements for delivery if at all possible.

- Delivery Refused by Recipient: If the intended recipient refuses to accept the delivery, we cannot guarantee a refund if the package contains perishable goods such as flowers or food.

- Recipient Absent at Time of Delivery: If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, and depending upon the delivery location, the delivery person may leave a message or secure the gift in a safe place for the recipient to retrieve when they return. Perishable goods can be harmed by extreme temperatures, and flowers in particular need to be cared for promptly upon arrival. If you are unsure that someone will be available to accept the delivery when it arrives, please use the "Comments" field on the order page to specify a neighbor or other secure location where your package may be left. ASAP flowers cannot be held responsible for packages damaged by exposure or neglect after delivery has been attempted.

- Incorrect or Incomplete Address Provided: ASAP flowers cannot be held responsible for deliveries to incorrect or incomplete addresses once the customer has verified the receiving location as correct. If the recipients address is incorrect and the delivery was attempted but refused, the address can be corrected and delivery reattempted for an additional fee. If we received an incorrect address and the delivery was made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase. Incomplete addresses, particularly those intended for delivery to offices or apartment buildings, can substantially delay delivery. We will attempt to contact you as soon as we are notified of any difficulty with delivery, and if you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the recipient to request a corrected address. There may be additional fees if delivery must be reattempted. The condition of perishable items cannot be guaranteed in any of the above circumstances.

- Packages Left in Offices or Mail Rooms: Products sent to businesses or buildings where deliveries must be made to a central mail room or receptionist may be delayed internally. Generally, these are inhospitable environments for perishable goods. Please ensure your recipient knows to expect a delivery so that your package may be cared for as soon as possible upon arrival.

4. The more contact recipient's information you provide the better is the result! If you provide us with the phone and address of the recipient then we give you 100% that your order will be delivered on time.
- if you do not have the recipient's phone but you know the recipients personally and the contact information is 100% precise then we also give you 100% that we will reach the recipient on time
- if you order something for the person for the first time and do not know his/her full contact information then please be aware that the delivery maybe postponed until we can check exact recipients contact information, reach him/her and provide the delivery on time convenient for the addressee.

6. If you do not get any reply from us in 24 hours, that means that we DIDN"T receive your letter. Please, resend it or call us regarding your question or inquiry.

7. Usually you get your order copy while proceeding with ordering at the site. Please, check the copy to avoid further misunderstandings or wrong ordering. Please be careful ordering at the site and choose the exact goods you want to be delivered. We give you 3 opportunities to recheck all order information

- with your shop cart preview while making the order at the site, with the exact picture of the items you choose
- with the copy of the order you get on mail you are registered with. There is a long URL at the bottom of the order letter. This URL shows the image of ordered items
- the online status of your account. Please, log into the site with your e-mail and password and click My personal area where you may find the activity for the whole membership period.

8. We usually confirm the order the next day or (if it s Sunday) the day after. So, please be patient till we get confirmation from local florist and inform you about the status of your order. Or you may also check your online account information where you may find order status information.

9. We accept the claims of quality within 24 hours after delivery.  

10. The food baskets to European countries, USA, Canada and Australia maybe unavailable during some period of times or be sold on other prices and terms. Not all our florists in Russian Federation can deliver them either, especially in small cities.  

11. If you can’t find the destination city in the list, please choose -not-in-the-list-city We are regularly updating out data base but we cant list all small cities of Russia. So, your search through the destinations list will be too complicated. We are working on the problem and will make technical updates soon.

12. Each destination may have delivery factor that depends upon the local economical situation, severe climate conditions or difficulties to be reached.

13. Any out-of-ordinary orders should be consulted with the administrator. There is no regular charges for that that’s why total price will be concluded after all details will be accepted.

14. You may cancel your order 24 hours in advance before the delivery should be processed by the service. Please, notify the administrator either by e-mail, phone, skype or icq. Please, check the reply that will confirm that the delivery is cancelled.

15. If you order a picture of the recipient with your flowers, note that it may take up to 7 business days to get by e-mail. Unfortunately, not all the local representatives make pictures.


16. All flowers and greenery in our arrangements (except roses, lilies, orchids, amaryllises and calla lilies) can be substituted with the other ones, of better quality and same colours.


17. We don’t ask the recipient to show his or her identity card or passport, and we shall not be liable for the order received by a wrong person. Please make sure that the recipient’s phone number and address are correct. 


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